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Smart webmasters know that getting your traffic to 'stick and stay' is one of the keys to maintaining continuously high levels of traffic, especially if your web site is sport, entertainment or community related. One of the best 'pulling' tools that you can emply is to offer your visitors lots of free games to entertain them as they surf.

GameInACan.Com offers top quality free casino games that are built into a Macromedia Shockwave console and guaranteed to provide hours and hours of great entertainment. What is especially amazing about Game In A Can's free games offer is that they will customize your game console so that it closely resembles your site as much as possible. Even fonts and stylesheets will be duplicated as much as possible. You can test them for yourself by clicking here, and you will see how closely this game console resembles the look and feel of Free-Webmaster-Tools.Co.Uk.

By adding their free self-contained game console to your website, you’ll save yourself a lot of time and money while attracting hundreds, maybe thousands of loyal visitors from around the world. These casino themed games are a great addition especially for any sport, entertainment, community or personal web site. The games included are Blackjack, Video Poker, Roulette, Craps and of course, everybody's favourite, Slot Machines. The game console also comes complete with player chat, points system and customized banner positions that you can utilize to place your own banners and/or text ads.

When you sign up, they'll create your site's customized game console and then send you the HTML code needed to get the games going directly from your webpages.

Answers to possible questions about these free casino games

  • How does it work for the player? Visitor sign ups, and they're given 1000 free points to start the ball rolling. They play using these points, either losing or winning more points as they go along. The points will accumulate over time and players can try to make the 'Top 10' list which is there as a link in the console for all to see. In reality, the points are worth nothing and there is no real money involved, the points are just for fun
  • What if the player runs out of points? It's really hard to run out of points but if a player is a bit low on points, you can encourage them to play the slots for a bit. The slot machines are very generous (loose!) and if the player has no points, they'll be given 50 more just to keep them spinning!
  • What does the player need to have? The games will work only for users on Windows operating systems, and that computer will also need to have Macromedia Shockwave installed in order for the games to work. Unfortunately the games will not work for users on Web-TV and MAC operating systems
  • How does the scoring / points system work? All scores are automatically saved to a database. Players will never have to worry about a bad Internet connection or their browser crashing, because the games will always remember their score. The top ten scores are automatically displayed on the "Top Players" page within the console
  • What else can players do? Players can change their login name, password, chat with other players, it really is a great free all inclusive free games package.
  • What else can you as the Webmaster do? Once you've added your game console, it's up to you to make the zone a 'great place' to be. Hang out and chat with the players, maybe offer a prize for the player that's at the top of the Top ten list; after the games are up and running on your site, the sky and your imagination are the only limit, so go for it!


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